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Help, I've made a stain!
/Help, I've made a stain!

Need a solution, read these few lines..... you may find one!

Preamble: "Don't panic! We think!"

Stains won't get on your favourite Woolmark marine garment if :

  • you are fast
  • you remove the maximum amount of product
  • you do not put your garment under hot water as this fixes the stain
  • you run to your cleaning specialist.

If you are the specialist... then here are our tips!

To treat a stain properly, you need to know its origin and find its solvent. Well yes, it's simple!

  • For the fatty foodstuffs such as butter, sauces, oilsSoak the stain lightly in trichloroethylene and then wash the garment.
  • For fruit, fruit juices, alcohol and alcoholic beveragestreat evil with evil.... Use a mixture of water (1/4) and rubbing alcohol (3/4) and finish the treatment with hydrogen peroxide.
  • At breakfast, when your coffee, coffee with milk, tea or chocolate If the stain has jumped onto your clothing, mix some rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and soak the stain.
  • Again, in the culinary field, for eggs and milk, use White Spirit to loosen the stain from the fibres, then a solution of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar to remove it permanently
  • After a few good rolls in the lawn, you can use the rubbing alcohol to remove the green from the grass. grass of your clothes. If you were out walking in the wet undergrowth, and the mud has joined you, let it dry! It will come off. If it resists, make a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia to one litre of water and wash away the residue.
  • Today you were more in the mood to walk the tarmac so tar and sludge If you are not familiar with this, take your paint kit and remove the stains with white spirit and then wipe them off with a cotton wool pad soaked in trichloroethylene.
  • Ending your day with a light meal of candles and other candles, arm yourself with your iron on one side and a neutral cloth on the other, wedge the paraffin between the two..... and hop... it comes off your waistcoat.
  • For those of you who love the playground, you'll be chasing your memories ofinkof chewing gum and glue in tube with White Spirit and white vinegar for one and acetone for the others. For nail polish users, remember that your solvent is acetone.
  • Painters (mirror, mirror, my beautiful mirror) will use turpentine to remove oil paints, blushes, lipsticks and shoe polish.
  • For do-it-yourselfers who are faced with the task of rust .... No quick fix.... Buy a special rust remover.
  • Those who choose the carpentry workshop will get away with a little hot water to chase away the adhesives used.
  • Clumsy do-it-yourselfers will use white vinegar to remove the blood (ditto for theurine).

More questions? No, not possible, you still have some!